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What Allergists/ENTs Should Know about FMS/MPS

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Two excellent medical texts are available. "Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual Vol. I and II" by Janet G. Travell M.D. and David G Simons M.D. The first volume is important to you, as it deals with upper body Trigger Points. This message is but an introduction to them. They show the referred patterns, tell what causes them, and how to relieve them. Many of us have allergies, asthma, food intolerance and disrupted immune systems, as well as multiple chemical sensitivities. 30% of FMS&MPS Complex patients have TMJD Syndrome. Most of us have vasomotor rhinitis, post-nasal drip, chronic sore throat, dizziness, and a whole constellation of other symptoms that lead us right to your office. To deal with FMS&MPS Complex, you must become familiar with the TrP referred pain patterns and what causes the TrPs. Myofascial TrPs can entrap nerves and blood vessels. They can also cause proprioreceptor disturbances.

Referred autonomic phenomena: vasoconstriction (blanching), coldness, sweating, pilomotor response, salivation, vasodilation, lacrimation, coryza and hypersecretion can be caused by TrP activity.

Referred TrP phenomena: sensory, motor and autonomic phenomena such as pain, tenderness, spasm (increased motor unit activity) vasodilation, and hypersecretion caused by TrPs.

Proprioceptive disturbances caused by TrPs: imbalance, dizziness, tinnitus, and distorted perception of the weight of objects lifted in the hands.

Common FMS&MPS Complex Symptoms Seen by Allergists/ENTs

Common TrPs Encountered by Allergists and ENTs

TrP Pain is rarely symmetrical. The patient usually presents with complaints due to the most recent activated TrP. A lump at the TrP site could be due to damming of blood and other fluids by obstructed blood flow.

Spray and stretch release of TrPs by use of fluro-methane is detailed in the Trigger Point Manuals. Sine-wave ultrasound with electrostim, acupressure or pulsed galvanic stimulation can be used in some areas to break up TrPs.

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