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Cranial Sacral Release Technique

©Devin Starlanyl, MD 1995-1998

CSR is a therapy technique which releases tightened, constricted tissue. Studies in Israel indicate that fascia serves as an electrical conduction system. Body fascia is a slightly mobile, body-wide laminated sheath of connective tissue. All living beings are batteries, generators and capacitors. People with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome suffer from sensory overload. CSR releases the bottled up tension in the fascia, and balances the system. Our skin holds in our electricity and protects us from environmental electricity which could interfere with our functions. CSR is a method of restoring electromagnetic balance. Myofascia is connective tissue that holds organ systems and musculature together, and gives the body its shape. Through this interconnecting myofascial system, any injury or illness which results in contracture or swelling can affect the whole body. Areas of clinically significant change can produce fascial rigidity. Any kind of scarring or adhesion can create long-standing problems in the elasticity of myofascia. Postural dysfunction, athletic stresses, injuries and biochemical or electromagnetic imbalance will disrupt the myofascial balance.

There is material in fascia called ground substance, which changes from solid to liquid, and fascia has the ability to contract or relax. The practitioner must be relaxed and comfortable, or his or her tensions will not allow the release to occur.

CSR is based on the premise that the inherent energy that causes motion is present in the unhealthy tissue, but it is fighting against restriction. Restrictions can result from adhesions, inflammation, infection, dysfunction, or neuroreflexes. When the restriction is loosened, it is called a release. Often the body can't discharge accumulated stress because there is insufficient opportunity. We tend to accumulate more energy from stressful situations than is dissipated. Any joint is a potential cross-restriction to the free movement of the fascia. There are even three membranes around the brain which are capable of independent motion. They allow the spine to rotate and bend without stressing the spinal cord. Tennis ball compression of spinal cord is actually a form of cranio-sacral release.

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